Best Rat Toys
Rat Toys

The Best Rat Toys Let Your Buddies Play Like THIS

3 of the Best Rat Toys for Your Buddies

Pet rats are playful creatures. Baby rats especially love to play and run around. Older rats kind of lose that all-out playfulness and prefer cuddling in your lap or sitting on your shoulder instead of clowning around. Additionally, male rats tend to grow a lot larger than females, then they get a little bit lazy. Females tend to remain playful longer into their lives.

Regardless, rats tend to be extremely social. It’s recommended that you always have at least two so they can play with each other when you aren’t home. You should consider several things when enriching the environment by adding the best rat toys you can make or buy:

Important Considerations Before Purchasing A Toy For Your Rats

  • Purchase toys from legitimate manufacturers of pet toys, because it’s important to avoid giving your rats anything that can harm them.
  • Consider bringing your rat to the store with you so you can know whether or not your rat would like to own a particular toy. Besides, your pet will enjoy going on the adventure with you!
  • Be sure you observe your rat playing with the toy for at least the initial several minutes as a precaution to ensure that the toy is safe for your rat to play with and they can’t get stuck in it or hurt.

Best Rat Toys

Rat Toys that Let Rats Be Rats

When you’re looking for new rat toys, it’s important to think about what your rats enjoy doing. The best rat toys and cage accessories allow rats to participate in some of their favorite activities. Here are three things rats love to do most – and any toy that lets them do this stuff will be a huge hit:

#1: Look for Rat Toys that Let Them Hide

Rats really like to have places to hide and store food to eat later on. You can observe this behavior in almost every rat. A toy that allows a rat to have a hideaway to go into will give your rats a cozy little hidey-hole. Don’t be surprised if they spend a lot of time in there, especially when there are other people or rats around that they are not accustomed to.

#2: Look for Rat Toys that Let Them Climb

All rats that are physically able to climb absolutely love doing it. They’ll climb around the bars of the cage and be perfectly happy. But they’ll really enjoy having things such as bird ladders, wheels, lava ledges, hammocks and other accessories that they can use to climb around the cage. Rats love seeking the highest area of the cage from the floor.

#3: Look for Rat Toys that Let Them Dig

It seems that male rats, in particular, enjoy getting to dig tunnels and holes. Once they dig, they love nothing more than crawling into their own little fort to hang out or sleep. They might stay in there all day, since they tend to be more active at night. One of the simplest, best rat toys is a fort of their own. Just add cardboard, fabric, a dig box, an empty oatmeal container, or anything else that the rats can dig and chew. Their little fort  will keep them stimulated and encourage their natural instincts.

Save on the Best Rat Toys and Supplies

Rats aren’t the most expensive pets around, but feeding them well, keeping their cages clean, and providing fun toys and accessories for them to enjoy can add up. Here’s one way you can save when you buy rat stuff online – it really works!