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Beat that Pet Rat Urine Smell: Rat Cage Litter Training Guide

That Pet Rat Urine Smell Tho…

Hate the stink of that pet rat urine smell in your house? You’re not alone! It doesn’t burn your sinuses quite as badly as cat urine does. But it definitely stinks.

Rats are such smart creatures, that it’s no wonder some owners decide it’s time to litter train their little buddies. Training pet rats to use a litter box is an effective way of reducing the amount of time you have to spend spot-cleaning the cage every day. Plus, it ultimately creates a cleaner environment, which is great because you don’t want your pets living, sleeping, eating, and walking around in their waste.

Naturally, rats are rather clean creatures and they prefer using the bathroom wherever another rat, or themselves, has already used the bathroom. Due to this, litter training a rat isn’t too challenging. As with any training, have patience and maintain a routine and the rats will make huge improvements! It doesn’t take a long time to figure out a litter box for a rat, but as all rats are different, some may take a longer time. Simply have patience and don’t give up!

Before You Start Litter Training Your Rats

Keep an eye on your cage every time you go to clean it. Be on the lookout for the spots with the most amount of feces. Rats tend to use the corner of the cage as the bathroom area. So, this is a good spot for a little box. For owners with rats that don’t seem to designate an area, or those who are still planning for their new rats, you can select a corner on your own.

Follow a Rat Potty Routine

It’s crucial to maintain a routine during litter training because it speeds up the process. Each individual piece of poop should be placed into their litter box. Initially, it’s best to spot clean two or more times every day. The goal is removing any stray poop from the rat cage, making the box the only area with poops. Eventually, the rats will start realizing that their litter box is the best place to go to the bathroom, and they’ll start wanting to!

Pet Rat Urine

How Long Before They Get the Hang of It?

Of course, it’s unrealistic to expect rats to become litter trained 100%. Your rat may get the hang of it quickly and completely, which would put an end to that pet rat urine smell. But it’s common for a rat to continue peeing anywhere in the cage even if they start pooping in the box. You’ll probably need to keep spot cleaning at least once daily to remove any poops. However, you’ll notice that over time there will be fewer poops once you’ve begun training them as compared to before you started.

Ultimately, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to the litter training process. You can’t really cast a magical spell for them to figure it out immediately. It will take time and patience along with a maintained routine for you to see results. Refrain from trying to move the rat into the box while they’re using the bathroom in the cage, as this will make them feel uncomfortable and scared. Allow the rats to figure it out themselves. Most rats will quickly grasp this litter box concept, yet some will actually prefer just scattering their poop all over the place. Keep up daily training for at least three months before you give up.

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23 thoughts on “Beat that Pet Rat Urine Smell: Rat Cage Litter Training Guide”

  1. I did not even realize you can litter train a rat. Or that people kept them as pets. How interesting. How old do they live to be?

    1. I’ve learned a LOT about rats since my daughter started adopting them. They are super smart and amazingly trainable. They only live about 2 years, typically.

    1. I felt the same way at first – not going to lie! Their tails remind me of snakes, which is a no-go. But as I got to know them and saw how expressive, affectionate, and nice they are, they grew on me.

  2. I never would have thought that a rat could be litter trained, but it makes sense! Some of these methods are the same I used on my cat when she was a baby that we rescued from outside.

    1. Exactly! Rats are pretty eager to please – at least if you get them young. They also seem to like learning new stuff, so this is right up their alley and makes cleaning much easier.

  3. I would have never have thought that we can train a rat to use the liter…learn something new everyday. 🙂 Rats look cute but I’d be too nervous to handle them. 🙂

    1. They learn every day… and so do we! If you ever have a friend with pet rats, that’s a great way to see what’s great about them and to get comfortable handling them. I never would have touched one if it hadn’t been for both of my kids adopting some and showing me how gentle and cute they are.

  4. To be honest I’ve never known anyon who had a rat as a pet. The only rat I like is Master Splinter from TMNT 😂😂 this is very interesting.

    1. LOVE TMNT 🙂 I’d imagine there are tons of pet rats named Splinter. Rats are not the pet I’d have picked myself, but when my kids started adopting them, I saw how cute and affectionate they are. These are “fancy rats” rather than wild ones (I suspect Master Splinter was wild!).

  5. I had a pet rat years ago and he was awesome. And yes of course we named him Splinter. I’ve been talking to my wife about a first pet for my daughter and I suggested a rat and she laughed at me…. I’ll have to send her here so she can see that they cane be really cool pets!

    1. They can be wonderful first pets! We had a guinea pig when my kids were tiny and as cute as he was, he seemed to be ticklish and BIT us constantly when we’d pet him. I’ve never been bitten by one of my daughter’s rats – it’s almost like they know they shouldn’t do that. Hopefully your wife can find some good info here and feel more comfortable with this pet option!

  6. This is really useful. I have cats in my home and although the smell is not so intense, sometimes I don’t like it. Going to try your suggestions.

  7. I had no idea you could litter train rats! My sister always had pet rats. They’re such intelligent, loving animals.

  8. I have never really known anyone with rats as pets but this was interesting. Would be so very helpful!

  9. First of all, yikes! I could never own a pet rat! Well, especially now, with 8 cats and 4 dogs in the house (all rescues!) But how amazing, I never realized you could litter train a rat. Yet it makes sense, when you consider how rats are used in scientific experiments and prove to be rather intelligent in many ways.

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