Rat Care 101

Pet Rats and Cats: Can It Work?

How To Introduce Your Pet Rats and Cats 

Will My Pet Rats And Cats Get Along?

If you want to get your pet rats and cats to enjoy being together, it’s important that you spend time with both collectively. You can have them both on the sofa or the bed together. Make sure you are sitting with your rats. That way, they can hide and burrow in your shirt if they get scared.

Even if your rats and cats aren’t interacting with one another, just letting them become accustomed to one another’s pheromones will help. Being around the cats with your shirt to hide in allows the rats to feel protected around the cats. They will smell the pheromones, but eventually, they will understand they’re going to be protected.

Trust And Verify

It’s important to closely supervise your rats and cats together. Make sure neither feels too afraid of the other. If rats show signs of being petrified, such as fur standing on end and getting really fluffy, you may want to separate them. Yet, over time your pets can gradually start to get used to being around one another.

When rats become more curious rather than afraid of the cats, they will want to sniff them. Just be ready to instantly grab the rat or push the cat away. Once the cat starts to understand that rats aren’t for him to attack, it’s possible you can ease back a bit. Yet, it’s still important to constantly monitor their interactions. Specifically, look for indications that the cat sees your rats as prey. Cats can be tricky and sometimes unpredictable.

Intervene When Needed

If you notice that the cat is about to harm your rat, let the cat know it shouldn’t do that by carefully stroking the cat and telling him to be gentle. Use this same command when your cat accidentally harms you, as well. Over time, they begin to understand.

Pet Rats and Cats

All rats and cats are different from the next and so it’s important to be ready for the unpredictable. If you’d like your cats to learn not to attack your rats and have the ability to properly monitor them, you should try it out. Make sure you are ALWAYS within reach of all of the rats along with the cat as well as being able to see all interactions as they are happening.

It’s possible to live with both cats and rats in your home with no horror stories. However, it’s still important that your rats are NEVER left accessible to cats without your supervision. It’s not worth risking it.

Have you introduced your rats to any cats? How did it go?

Here’s how it went for one rat lover.

Cats and Rats: A Reader Shares her Ragdoll Kitten and Pet Rat via Cats and Rats: A Reader Shares her Ragdoll Kitten and Pet Rat