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Rat Care 101

Make a Rat Emergency Kit

Want to Make a Rat Emergency Kit? Here’s What You Need

Having the proper supplies for issues including bumblefoot, URIs, wounds, sprains, and parasites it vital. As with any animal, your rats could become sick or get injured out of nowhere. It’s important to keep the necessary emergency materials on hand at all times so that it’s there whenever your rat needs it. If your rat becomes very ill or hurt, contact an experienced veterinarian right away.

Choose a Box for Your Kit

Find a box that has a secure lid and is big enough that you can store all of your emergency supplies in it. Keep this box in a spot that’s dry and has indirect sunlight. Don’t store this under a sink, as pipes might leak water onto it and don’t store it anywhere your rats can reach it and chew it up.

Cotton Swabs

These are best for applying things like ointment and cleaning up external wounds.


It’s important to have some clean towels to stop wounds from bleeding and to clean them up. You can use a towel to swaddle a rat when force-feeding it, giving it medication, or treating a wound.

White Flour/Corn Starch

This is effective for stopping minor bleeds like bloody ears, bloody toes, ripped off nails, and minor injuries from fights with other rats.

Gram Scale

This is important when it comes to dosing medications for your rat properly. Most medications are dosed in grams, so a gram scale is the best kind.

Baby Food

This is an ideal substance for mixing medications into to easily feed it to an ill or elderly pet rat.

Needleless Syringes

These are perfect for properly measuring doses of medication and then giving that medication to your rats orally. You can use these to feed the baby food and medication mixture to the elderly and ill rats.

Dosing Guide

If you are administering medication at home, make sure that you know the proper dosage for the right medication. You can find dosing guides for rats online.

Dark Chocolate

URI symptoms can temporarily be eased by giving your rats a little bit of dark chocolate. Make sure that it has at least 65% cacao for it to be effective and healthy.

High-Calorie Supplement

A dietary supplement such as Nutri-Cal can be used to help elderly and sick rats get back to a healthy weight and be healthier.

Have A Special Hospital Cage

This is important when your rats are injured or sick so that you can separate them from the other rats and easily transport your rats to the vet if need be. Select a cage with just 1 level so that an elderly or sick rat won’t fall and get hurt. Aquariums can be used only as very temporary hospital cages.

rat emergency kit

Contact Information For A Reliable Veterinarian

Make sure that you have the phone number and address for a local experienced vet so that you can get the best care possible for your rats. It’s good to have the info for both a regular vet and an emergency one as well as part of your rat emergency kit. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it!