Rats As Pets
Rats As Pets

10 Amazing Facts About Rats As Pets

A Quick Guide to Why Rats as Pets Rule

If you’re wondering about having rats as pets and whether they’re as cute and lovable as everyone says, here’s what you need to know.

Rats As PetsRat Facts #1: Kids love pet rats even more than dogs, cats, or any other pet.

It’s science, yo. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but rats nail it for kiddos. Maybe it’s because they’re easy to care for, they’re smart and affectionate, and they don’t require a lot of space. Or, maybe it’s because of the cute things rattos do, like boggling. Whatever the reason, rats aren’t just a good starter pet – they’re great for any age kid.

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #2: You will soon fall prey to these cuteness overlords.

They’re squishy, soft, and have extremely boopable snoots. You’ll see. Plus, ratties love to pose for pics – either with or without props. Even people who think they’re afraid of rats will change their tune the first time they experience a rat blep, their heart will melt. (If you’re new to rats, you’ll learn all about blepping! It’s all about your little buddy’s tiny pink tongue.)

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #3: Pet rats make fun reading buddies.

Cosmo, Vogue, Golf Digest – it really doesn’t matter to your little ratto. They’re voracious readers – or at least you can set them up to look like it, and they’ll play along. Rats also love being read aloud to, so cozy up with your favorite book and let storytime begin!

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #4: Not all pet rats are pint-sized.

This one can grow up to four feet long and weigh in at over 140 pounds. It’s not your average fancy rat, for sure, but it might be fun to adopt one like this. Plus, you could get a leash and take this kind on walks.

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #5: Pet rats might even help you hone your interior design skills.

Forget about a simple wire cage with a plastic igloo in it. Some rat owners get extremely creative when they design their pet rats’ cages. You might find yourself sketching out cage layouts and hunting for new accessories and furniture for your little buddies. Best of all, your ratties will love whatever you do and show you all kinds of appreciation for their new digs.

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #6: Rats REALLY like to eat… and they’re not one bit shy about it. 

Who doesn’t love a nice snack? Maybe you feel a little self-conscious if you’ve got the munchies. Not to worry – your pet rat loves food so much that no matter how much you eat, you’ll feel like you’re showing extreme self-control. Plus, when’s the last time you actually fought over a bowl of food?

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #7: Some rats have dentistry skills. Apparently.

You might not want to click this one if you’re squeamish. But then again, it’s pretty darned cute. Rats are fastidious about cleaning… themselves and their owners, given half a chance. Would you let your pet rat do this to “help” you with your own grooming routine?

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #8: Even celebrities love their rats.

Anyone can have a dog or a cat, but when you see these five celebrities and their pet rats, you’ll gain a whole new level of admiration for them. From the big screen to the concert stage, how many of these celebs are familiar to you? Did you know they have a love for rats as pets, too?

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #9: Rats can even serve as service animals.

If you ever travel to Nashville, Tennessee, keep an eye out for Bean, the service rat. His owner takes him everywhere when he’s out and about… except for restaurants. Probably not a good idea to give your ratto a credit card, though. They’re not very good at bargain hunting or sticking to a budget.

Rats As Pets

Rat Facts #10: Nothing’s easier than learning to cuddle your pet rat.

The only thing cuter than this video of a ratto getting all the rubs is petting and snuggling with your own little buddy. Check it out and see how long it takes to start grinning while you watch.

In a nutshell, rats as pets are easy to care for and fun to cuddle. They do funny things that’ll keep you entertained (some even like to run on wheels), and they’re smart and affectionate. No wonder they’re becoming so popular! That about rats it up!

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